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The NSW Fete Guide is a 41 page booklet published by our friends over at the Fundraising Directory.

They have made it chock full of helpful tips, collected from from over 15 years of running the Fundraising Directory!

Some of the incredible content found in the 2021 Fete Guide includes:

  1. The Last Minute… 10 Ideas for Fete Organisers
    • Run Sheet
    • Photographer
    • Communication Plan
    • Money Handling
    • Parking
    • Jack or Jill of All Trades
    • Charging and Power
    • Pack Down Plan
    • Housekeeping
    • Emergency Contacts
  2. Free Templates and Resources, including
    • Risk Management Plans
    • Sponsorship Kits
    • Stall Holder Application Forms
    • Handover Report Template
    • Volunteer Sign-ups
    • Publicity Officer
    • …and many, many more!
  3. 101 Fete Stall Ideas Mega Guide
  4. Fete Countdown Planner — Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
  5. Fundraising Planner
  6. “Just One Thing” Letter to Volunteers
  7. Dozens of suppliers for your fete, including
    • Animal Farms and Petting Zoos
    • Showbags
    • ATMs for hire
    • Rides and Entertainment
    • Food and Drink
    • …and many, many more!
  8. Tons upon tons of quick hints and tips

Best of all, the NSW Fete Guide is
available Free of Charge!

Read the Fundraising Directory’s Fete Guide

view the 2021 nsw fete guide »

Dedicated guides for all six Australian states and two territories can also be found at the above page.