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2020 and 2021 have been extremely tough years for fundraising — and we are hoping that 2022 will see a rebirth of community events and fundraising activities.

But, NOW is the time to start thinking about what fundraising events you could run in the new year!

Our friends over at the Fundraising Directory have 25 different ideas. Many are aimed at schools, but most can be adapted for use by virtually any community group or sporting club.

Cake Stall
The 25 All-Time Best Fundraising Ideas are:

      1. Children’s Art Work
      2. Fetes
      3. Branded Products
      4. Engraved Pavers
      5. Cookbooks
      6. Fun Runs
      7. Mother’s Day Stalls
      8. Showbags
      9. Movie Nights
      10. 5-Cent Drive
      11. Environmental Fundraiser
      12. Tea Towels
      13. Sponsorship
      14. Product Drives
      15. Raffles
      16. Free Dress Days
      17. Discos
      18. Socks
      19. Sausage Sizzles
      20. Art Shows
      21. Wine Fundraising
      22. Picture Plates
      23. Trivia Nights
      24. Passive Fundraising
      25. Cake Stalls

For more details about each idea, please follow the link below.

Think outside the square!

Even if you think some of the ideas wouldn’t be an obvious match for your organisation (eg Disco or Fun Run) look at ways that your group could partner with local schools, youth groups, sporting clubs or other organisations that might run those types of events — perhaps your group could sell the soft drink, or provide volunteers to sell entry tickets (taking a small cut for your own group) to free up the host organisers volunteers for other tasks.

And don’t forget about the Junee Can-Do Recycling Trailer! Your group could collect the single use cans and bottles discarded at the event to raise funds for your own group.

Learn More about the 25 Best Fundraising Ideas

learn more about the 25 best fundraising ideas »

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