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When discussing potential projects that local community groups and sporting clubs may wish to seek grant funding for, a number of items are frequently mentioned.

Often these items are only needed by the group once or twice a year… occasionally they are needed once a month or so, but would sit idle for the rest of the month.

So, Junee Community Network have complied a list of some of the most commonly discussed items and projects that could be funded through various grant programs and then made available as Shared Community Resources .

These include:

To help Junee Community Network assist local not-for-profit community organisations and sporting clubs to prioritise our efforts with grant applications etc, we ask that you complete a quick 2-minute survey.

You can skip below the survey for a brief outline of some of the potential projects. Each section includes at least one info-graphic, and some will scroll through multiple images.


Survey Results

The survey closed on July 5, 2022 (a little over three weeks after opening).

The survey link was emailed, multiple times, directly to the local Not-for-Profits, along with other local organisations that conduct regular community focussed events, activities and festivals. The survey was also posted to the Junee Community Events and Info Facebook page.

We had an amazing response with representation from a broad cross-section of the local community. The results have been compiled and are now available for viewing.

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Local not-for-profit community groups and sporting clubs based, or operating, within Junee Shire are welcome, and encouraged, to use the results as “Evidence of Community Consultation” when applying for funding for any of the Shared Community Resources listed below.

If your organisation has Resources that it’d like to Share with other local community groups, please register your shared resource.


Potential Shared Community Resources Survey

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If you represent multiple organisations, please complete seperate surveys for each organisation.

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    If you answered YES to the above question, please provide a brief summary of the equipment your organisation has available in the Other Comments below.


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    Descriptions of Potential Shared Community Resources


    Portable EFTPOS Terminals

    A number of local community groups and sporting clubs have expressed an interest in having access to an EFTPOS Terminal, or a few, to take payments at their events or meetings.

    However, most groups can not justify the $30 per month, or more, rental fees that the “Big Four” banks seem to want to charge — especially if they only need access to one for one day a month.

    The proposal is to purchase half a dozen Square Terminals, along with portable (battery powered) Telstra WiFi hotspots, dual power supplies with appropriate charging cables and spare receipt rolls and place them in dedicated pouches that can then simply be picked up and taken to an event.

    This would allow for multiple groups to access a terminal for their event, or allow larger events, like the Junee or Illabo Shows, to have access to multiple terminals at different locations (eg Gate, Bar, Cafe etc)

    Community Groups and Sporting Clubs will be required to sign up for a FREE Square Account. You only need to do this once, and we recommend you allow four weeks for the application to be processed (it is usually a lot quicker than this, but always allow for potential delays)

    Use the following link to sign up for a FREE Square account AND receive free processing on up to $1,000 in sales during your first 180 days. Only merchants new to Square are eligible.

    sign up for free square account »

    Funds collected through the terminal would go direct to your own organisation’s bank account, less a 1.6% processing fee by Square.

    A small daily hire fee for the Terminal hire, WiFi access and Receipt Rolls, would also be charged.

    Potential Junee Community Shared Resources – Portable EFTPOS Terminals

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    Simple PA System

    Junee Community Network are already working with a number of local organisations to develop a comprehensive portable audio visual system for use at a major events like ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Commemorative Services, and at the community halls.

    However, there is often a need for a simple PA system — with a single speaker and one or two wireless or corded microphones.

    A very good, integrated PA system has been suggested — the Vonyx AP1500BP 15″ Portable Speaker with Wireless Microphones, which includes:

    • 800W Speaker
    • 1 x Corded Microphone
    • 1 x Wireless Microphone
    • 1 x Lapel Mic w/Beltpack
    • Bluetooth Receiver (connect smart phones and tablets)
    • USB, SD & MP3 player w/Remote Control (store background music, national anthem etc)
    • Integrated trolley handle for easy transporting
    • Can be powered by Mains OR 12v Battery

    We’d also add a speaker stand, two microphone stands (with “book plates” to act as “lecterns”, a 25m extension cord with three sockets and some mic cables and adapters (to allow connecting of instruments like a guitar or keyboard); all stored in easy to transport cases.

    BTW: Did you know there is already a Portable Projector and 100-inch screen available for hire as a Shared Community Resource?

    Potential Junee Community Shared Resources – Simple PA System

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    Walkie Talkies

    There is always a need for volunteers to be able to communicate during events and Walkie Talkies are a cheap, versatile solution.

    There are already a couple of local organisations that have a number of Walkie Talkie sets and we’ll be adding one set to the Junee Community Shared Resources Directory shortly, but more would always be welcomed.

    The Walkie Talkie kits would comprise of:

    • Twin Pack
    • 2 x 5 Watt UHF 80-Channel CB Handheld Radios
    • 2 x Waterproof Speaker & Microphone Unit
    • 2 x Ear-piece style microphone
    • 2 x Belt Clips
    • Dual Desktop Rapid Charger
    • AC Adaptor
    • 12V DC Vehicle Charger
    • Rugged Carry Case
    Potential Junee Community Shared Resources – Walkie Talkies

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    Some many community groups and sporting clubs often hold BBQs as fundraising events, or to say thank you to their volunteers.

    There has been expressions of interest in obtaining a set of Esky’s that could be used for such community events.

    1. Large 120L Eskies (store plenty of meat trays, along with some ice packs to keep cold)
    2. Smaller 50L Coolers (easier to transport and move with included wheels and retractable handle — ideal for storing small quantities of meat, salads, drinks or separating products eg vegan or gluten-free sausages from the main sausages)
    3. 25L Drink Coolers (Add a single large bag of ice, then fill with water and it’ll stay icy cold all day. Have a couple of bottles of cordial next to the cooler and you’ve got a cheap way to keep your volunteers hydrated through out your event!)
    4. 42 Can Coolers (Easy to transport cold soft drink cans — light enough to place on a table to reduce volunteer fatigue from having to bend over all day — have a different flavour per cooler)
    5. Assorted sized Ice Packs (cleaner way to keep food and drinks cold — no more dipping hands freezing cold water to to grab stock)
    6. An upright Freezer to keep the Ice Packs frozen in between events so they are ready to go as required

    NOTE: As these items can be bulky to store it is proposed that this project would NOT proceed until there is a central location to store all the Coolers eg the proposed Junee Community Storage Facility, a joint project that Junee Business and Trades and the Junee Ex-Services Memorial Club have sought grant funding for.

    Potential Junee Community Shared Resources – Coolers

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    Marketing Resources

    There is often a need to have group photos, media conference, or an event that requires a “neutral” but not “plain” background.

    There is a proposal to purchase some large “Media Walls,” Pop Up Banners and other marketing resources that contain licensed, royalty-free images that highlight Junee Shire without specifically showcasing a particular business or organisation.

    1. Media Walls (2.9m wide x 2.2m high)
      Double sided, so can have two different images available per wall, Lightweight and easy to setup.
    2. Pop-Up Walls (2.3m wide x 2.3m high x 30cm)
      Single sided, but sturdy, lightweight frame.
    3. Pop-up Banners 85cm wide x 2m high
      Single sided, self supporting banner with retractable base makes it easy to assemble and transport. Can be setup in under 3 minutes. Great for decorating an event venue
    4. Extra Wide Pop Up Banners (2.4m wide x 2.1m high)
      Single sided, with solid retractable base. Estimated setup time is under 5 minutes. Sometimes a wider banner is required to fill the desired space.
    5. Mini Pull-Up Banners (A3 or A4 in size)
      Great for decorating an event venue and showcasing Junee. Simply place on counter tops, buffet tables, coffee stations or registration desks
    6. Lectern Magnets
      The Rotary Club of Junee has recently obtained funding to install AV equipment in the four Community Meeting Rooms at the Junee Ex-Services Club. Part of this equipment will include a couple of lecterns that can accept A3 sized magnetic signs — which could be generic images of Junee.

    The final images would be selected when it comes time to ordering the marketing resources, but some examples of potential images can be found at Struan Timms Photography

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    Event Enhancement

    Almost every community group or sporting club has need to conduct a presentation of some kind, every now and then. There are some accessories, in addition to the above mentioned Marketing Resources, that would be useful to have on hand as a Shared Community Resource to use at these events.

    1. Giant Novelty Cheque (140cm x 60cm)
      Often there is a desire to use a giant novelty cheque to use at photo opportunities when presenting or receiving grants, fundraisers or donations. Easily write on Recipient details and Amount using included whiteboard markers
    2. Plaque Unveiling Kit
      A standalone frame, with a strong, easy to use curtain, that can be used to unveil plaques and memorials for building openings, product launches, dedication or memorial plaques. This is an item that many groups could utilise if it was available, but is difficult to justify purchasing for a single event
      (BTW: There is already a “Ribbon Cutting Kit” available within Junee Shire — A couple of final touches need to be done to prepare the kit before it is ready for general use — but stay tuned, it’s not that far away from been formally announced)
    3. Flags and Accessories
      An assortment of flags, including the Australian Flag, the Aboriginal Flag, the Torres Strait Islander Flag, the NSW State flag and a number of custom flags, along with a flag pole base that can hold a single, two or three flags. Pop-up Banners with various flag images would also be purchased for use when actual flags may not be suitable. Flag Protocol Documentation on how and when to use flags, etc, would be included. Various Recordings, as both audio and video files, of the National Anthem, including full vocals or just instrumental, would be available on CD and on an iPad, ready for use at any event.
    4. Portable Presentation Lectern
      A portable Presentation Lectern, that can quickly assembled, with custom banners on the front (including some generic, licensed images, from around Junee Shire, for use at various events and venues
    5. Portable Staging
      Lightweight, modular raised platforms that can be used indoors and outdoors to quickly create a raided dais for events and festivals. Would include steps and skirting, all of which would be placed in easy to store and transport road cases.

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    Crowd Control

    Almost any event can benefit from crowd control devices — to help organise entry queues; to manage lines at ticket or food stands; to divide areas in to Public, VIP, and/or Staff Only areas; and to control motor vehicle access.

    A number of different Crowd Control devices have been proposed. A handful of these could potentially be included with the exisiting Junee Community Events Trailer, OR a seperate trailer could be purchased to store and transport the barriers.

    1. Portable Expandable Barriers
      These barriers expand to 6m long by 1m tall that can be setup in under a minute per barrier. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are ideal when a physical barrier is required to prevent access to an area. They easily join together to create required size of shape. Acrylic A4 Sign holders would also be included to display Event Branding, Admittance or Ticket Prices, Food & Drink Prices, Directional Indicators (eg Queue Entrances & Exits and Arrows for directional flow)
    2. Belt Post Dividers
      Stainless Steel Posts with Black, Blue & Red belts available — Belts are 3m long. The suggestion is that they would mainly be Black Barriers, but we’d have a few in Blue and/or Red to create VIP Zones etc. The Double Belts help keep barrier shape and design intact if one belt is accidentally unclipped. Posts weigh 8.3kg and are stackable for easy storage and transportation. Posts have Belt Clips on four sides, allowing for the creation different shaped and sized barriers. A number of Acrylic A4 Sign holders would also be included and we could investigate pre-installing wall mounted belts and clips in popular venues.
    3. Collapsible Traffic Cones, including Lights and Directional Arrows
      Sometimes you just need a couple of Witches Hats or Traffic Cones to highlight a hazard, define perimeters, or to reserve parking bays etc… so a collection of collapsible traffic cones, that can be easily stored and transported in tubs would be purchased, along with some LED flashing lights and Arrows (that can be written on with Whiteboard Markers) would also be included
    4. Illuminated Traffic Batons
      A couple of these would be included with the Traffic Cones to help manage vehicular traffic at large events.

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    Power Generation, plus Cables and Accessories

    In the day and age we are more and more reliant on having access to electricity to power a variety of devices

    1. Portable Petrol Generators
      Not every venue has convenient access to electrical power, so a couple of petrol powered generators would be made available for hire at reasonable rates. We’d look at models that have a variety of outputs including standard 10amp sockets, a socket capable of running 15amp appliances and even USB
    2. Multi-function Power Centres (Power Banks)
      Sometimes the venue or site has power, but you’d need to run unsightly cables that could become a potential trip hazard, so a couple of simple, yet powerful Power Centres could be purchased that would be ideal for powering Point of Sale equipment, charing phones, tablets, or laptops, and other low to medium powered devices.
    3. Assorted Power Cables of varying lengths
      There is always a need for an assortment of power cables of varying lengths. We’d have a couple of tubs with the three most common plugs (IEC-5: Clover Leaf, IEC-7: Fig-8, and IEC-13: Kettle) available
    4. Assorted Power Extension Cords of varying lengths,
      Again there is always a need for power extension cords as power points are invariably in the “wrong location” for your needs. So a selection of different extension cables with assorted sockets would be stored in easy to transport tubs.
    5. Assorted Power Boards
      Like power cords and extension cords, there is always a need for a variety of power boards to expand the number of sockets available.
    6. Cable Protectors
      A number of highly visible cable protectors would be included to highlight potential trips hazards.

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    Additional Marquees

    3x3m Marquees already available — Junee Business and Trades currently have TEN 3x3m marquees available. At least six of them are always stored in the Community Events Trailer and the other four can be added as required (if they aren’t already there)

    There is interest in having a few larger marquees available — especially 3x6m and 6x6m folding marquees.

    There has also been expressions on interest in having a couple of more sturdy Event Marquees available for use as temporary function venues eg as Dinning Halls or Dance Halls, Kitchen and Food Preparation, and as Band Stand/Stages.

    The Event Marquees could have PVC windows, anti-slip and waterproof flooring, fabric ceiling liners, and doors — either solid or curtain style.

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    Junee Community Storage Facility

    With the advent of the two Community Trailers (the Can-Do Recycling Trailer and the Community Events Trailer) that have been established by Junee Business and Trades, there is demand for a Shared Community Storage Facility within Junee to store both these trailers and a significant amount of other equipment owned by other Community Groups and Sporting Clubs.

    Applications have been submitted to various grant rounds in order to secure funding to construct the Junee Community Storage Facility at the rear of the Junee Ex-Services Memorial Club. The facility would consist of a large 3-bay shed, with some internal divisions, plenty of shelving and electrical power (for lighting, automatic roller doors and the charging/powering of equipment stored within the facility).

    It is envisaged that both the Can-Do Recycling Trailer and the Community Events Trailer, along with one or two of the exisiting BBQ trailers could easily be stored in the shed; whilst still allowing plenty of space for other equipment that has been made available as “Shared Community Resources”

    Proposed Junee Community Storage Facility

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    BBQ Trailers

    Apart from EFTPOS terminals, the next most commonly requested item is a custom BBQ Trailer — however, there are already at least FIVE BBQ trailers owned by different organisations within Junee Shire. Most sit idle for the majority of the year and the owners are usually willing to loan the BBQ trailers out to other not-for-profit community organisations and sporting clubs.

    Often these BBQ Trailers are lent out free of charge, as long as you clean them properly afterwards. Some groups will even provide their own volunteers with the BBQ to cook the food for your event — freeing up your volunteers for other tasks (like taking the orders and cash handling, or focusing on the other aspects of your event)

    NOTE: Junee Community Network will NOT be supporting the purchase of additional BBQ Trailers for use within Junee Shire — Although, we will assist with finding funding for upgrades and enhancements to exisiting BBQ Trailers (eg adding a power generator and LED lights, replacing older utensils, upgrading ageing gas bottles and gas lines, etc)

    If your organisation already has a BBQ Trailer that it is willing to lend, or hire, out to other local community groups and sporting clubs, please contact Nicholas from Junee Community Network so we can include it the directory of Shared Community Resources. Alternatively you can submit your listing directly using our shared resources registration form.

    Super Deluxe BBQ Trailer — There are already at least FIVE BBQ Trailers available in Junee Shire!

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