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QR codes are a two-dimensional version of the traditional barcode, typically made up of black and white pixel patterns. Denso Wave, a Japanese subsidiary of the Toyota supplier Denso, developed them for marking components in order to accelerate logistics processes for their automobile production. “QR” stands for “Quick Response”, which refers to the instant access to the information hidden in the Code.

Since the widespread use of scanning QR codes with a smart phone to check in to venues and business premises across Australia during the pandemic, QR codes are now easily recognisable by the majority of people thus providing a perfect marketing tool to quickly share information.

There are thousands, if not millions, of different ways to generate a QR Code… QR-Code-Generator.com is just one of these and they offer both a free account and pro-service.

The free account allows you to create static QR Codes that are completely for free and will never expire. Once generated, it’s yours forever but you will not be able to edit the content or track its scans.

  • URL: Opens a link to a webpage, contact form, or even a YouTube video.
  • vCard: Create a Digital Business Card with a “Save to Phone” feature
  • Plain Text: Display words, in any language, of up to 300 characters
  • SMS: Send a predefined text message to any phone number, anywhere in the world
  • Email: Send an email with a predefined message to any email address
  • WiFi: Connect to a WiFi network without typing the password
  • Twitter: Post a tweet, complete with a link and hashtags
  • Bitcoin: Request crypto payments from major cryptocurrencies

QR-Code-Generator.com have developed a series of articles on how businesses, community groups and everyone can better utilise QR codes in your own marketing material.

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  • QR Codes 101: A Beginners Guide
    1. What is a QR Code, and how does it work?
      Includes a brief history of QR Codes and how to Scan a QR Code
    2. The anatomy of a QR Code
    3. What is a Static and Dynamic QR Code?
    4. Common uses of QR Codes
    5. FAQs — including how to generate a QR Code
  • The Purpose of QR Codes
    1. The return of the QR Code
    2. What can QR Codes do for you?
    3. How can you benefit from using QR Codes?
  • QR Code Tracking in Real-Time: Explained
    1. Static vs Dynamic QR Codes
    2. Why it is important to track your marketing metrics
    3. How to access your QR Code metric tracking tool
    4. QR Code tracking best practices
  • Different Types of QR Codes for Your Marketing Goal
    1. Boost customer engagement
    2. Increase social media followers
    3. Broaden brand awareness
    4. Market your skills to the right people
    5. Generate high volume leads

They then have a number of tips and suggestions on how you can get creative with QR Codes and how to best print QR codes.

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  • How To: Get Creative with QR Code Design
    1. Colourise (even if they spell it Colorize)
    2. Use High Contrast
    3. Skip a dark background
    4. Add an image
    5. Reshape the edges
    6. Keep it square
    7. Mind the quiet zone
    8. Make it stand out
    9. Include a call to action
    10. Always Test!
  • Top 10 Tips for Printing QR Codes
    1. Design wisely
    2. Pick the right size
    3. Check your content
    4. Use high quality images
    5. Material matters
    6. Keep Codes within reach
    7. Consider the scanning time
    8. Avoid multiple Codes at once
    9. Give a reason to scan
    10. Never forget to test

A number of real life uses for QR codes by different types of organisations are detailed in another series of articles.

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  • QR Codes for Nonprofits
    1. Promote your donation page
    2. Display more info minus the clutter
    3. Create, manage, and track all your QR Codes
    4. Welcome members with a video
    5. Strengthen your organization
    6. Never run out of business cards
  • QR Codes for Personal Use
    1. Create memorable events
    2. Stand out from your competition
    3. Enhance special celebrations
    4. Travel with peace of mind
    5. Easily share contact details
  • QR Codes for Event Management
    1. Promote your events easily
    2. Show off your best work
    3. Grow your network fast
    4. Improve your events and services
    5. Increase your social media followers
  • QR Codes for Museums & Galleries
    1. Enhance static mediums with rich content
    2. Foster brand awareness through social media
    3. Improve your venue with visitor feedback
    4. Boost your event attendance
    5. Make your app installation a breeze
  • QR Codes for Tourism
    1. Highlight unique experiences
    2. Gather feedback on site
    3. Simplify decisions
    4. Better early bird offers
    5. Increase your followings
  • QR Codes for Musicians & Artists
    1. Pitch your music on the go
    2. Connect with your fan base
    3. Promote your next performance
    4. Boost your music career
    5. Share exclusive footage
  • QR Codes for Restaurants & Cafes
    1. Offer your menu to go
    2. Increase your social media followers
    3. Improve your services
    4. Advertise even when you’re closed
    5. Go visual and show off your best dishes
    6. Attract or reward customers with coupons
  • QR Codes for Hotels & Resorts
    1. Digitize your room service menu
    2. Promote your events conveniently
    3. Collect feedback and improve your services
    4. Share your website on the go
    5. Show what your hotel has to offer
  • QR Codes for Educational Institutions
    1. Expand your networking opportunities
    2. Promote your events conveniently
    3. Help your students to be more prepared
    4. Introduce yourself with videos
    5. Turn printed words into audio
  • QR Codes on Marketing Materials
    1. Business Cards
    2. Flyers
    3. Brochures
    4. Stickers & Labels
    5. Product Packaging
    6. Food Packaging
    7. Banners
    8. Books
    9. Bottles & Cans
    10. Clothing
    11. Displays
    12. Newspapers & Magazines
    13. Posters
    14. Stationery
    15. Table Tents
    16. Tickets
    17. Vehicles
    18. Websites
    19. Windows
    20. Giveaways
    21. Social Media
    22. Billboards
    23. Catalogues
    24. Ebooks & Ezines
    25. Infographics
    26. Emails
    27. Digital Signage
    28. TV Commericals
    29. Menus
    30. Video Games
    31. Cinema Advertising
    32. Web Banners
    33. Art
    34. Badges
    35. Street Signs
    36. Tabletop Games

Want some inspiration on how, and where, you can incorporate a QR code in your marketing materials and for networking, check out these 80+ examples of QR codes in real-life usage.

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