Junee Community Network is an independent consultancy that provides various services to not-for-profit community groups and sporting clubs based, or operating, within Junee Shire; as well as providing networking opportunities amongst these groups, local businesses and all three levels of government.

To enquire about any of the services we offer, please contact us.

Grant Notifications

Junee Community Network offers a free email list that provides notification of grants and funding opportunities that may interest community and sporting groups based, or operating, within Junee Shire.

Grant Writing

Junee Community Network can assist not-for-profit, incorporated, community and sporting groups with writing grant applications.

Fees may apply.

Returning Officers & Scrutineers

Junee Community Network can supply independent Returning Officers and Scrutineers for the Annual (or Special) General Meetings of Not-For-Profit, Incorporated community and sporting groups based, or operating, within Junee Shire.

Advice on how to conduct an Annual (or Special) General Meeting is also available.

Our team has considerable experience with organising Change of Association Name and updating Constitutions; and we are happy to provide advice on why you may wish to consider either of these options, and how to implement these changes, effectively.

Keynote and Guest Speaker

Junee Community Network’s Founder and Chief Consultant, Nicholas Pyers, is available as a Keynote Guest Speaker or Presenter at meetings or events.

Fees may apply.

Audio Visual Services

Junee Community Network has partnered with various organisations and venues within Junee Shire to provide Audio Visual services for community events.

Fees may apply.

Shared Resources

Junee Community Network has access to a wide range of resources that available for use by Not-For-Profit Community Groups and Sporting Groups based, or operating, within Junee Shire.

Fees may apply.