Refurbished Junee Community Christmas Tree December 2021

ARTC Inland Rail
Thanks to a $4,000 sponsorship grant from ARTC Inland Rail and support from Junee Shire Council, Junee Business and Trades have refurbished the Junee Community Christmas Tree.

Local business T-Line Steel had previously constructed a custom designed frame for the Christmas Tree, which is placed each year in the lawn garden, along the centre of Broadway, Junee’s main street.

Originally, the Christmas Tree was decorated with brightly coloured tinsel, but every year expensive and time consuming repairs had to be undertaken as the tinsel was damaged by the weather or picked at by birds to build their nests.

So in November 2021, in conjunction with the generous support of Junee Shire Council and ARTC Inland Rail, Junee Business and Trades undertook a refurbishment of the Tree — replacing the ageing tinsel with new, modern “Dimensional Garlands” along with new lights and some “Stainless Steel, UV Stabilised Baubles” to give the Tree a fresh vibrant look.

T-Line Steel donated staff time and specialised machinery to install the Christmas Tree in its’ traditional location adjacent to the Flag Pole, on Broadway, Junee

A number of local businesses also sponsored refreshed Christmas Banners; that Junee Business and Trades installed on the shop verandas along Broadway.


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