GrainCorp — Silo Art
A Shared Passion
Australian towns are renowned for loving ‘big things’, with many towns highlighting their local industry, agriculture, history or natural beauty with large outdoor sculptures and giant paintings.

So, it’s only natural that the GrainCorp silos around Australia are becoming the canvases for regional creativity and expression.

Since their first project in the Victorian town of Brim in 2015 (population of a mere 171), GrainCorp have worked with local councils to lend some of their sites to local artists to create impactful artworks in regional communities and encourage visitors to the area.

It’s just another great reason to get off the beaten track and see more of Australia.

GrainCorp’s silo art projects are a collaboration between GrainCorp and regional communities, artists and local councils. GrainCorp donates the use of its silos as the ‘canvas’ and does not profit from silo art.

The GrainCorp Silos along side Goldfields Way, Old Junee and at Brabins Road, Illabo (adjacent to the Olympic Highway) are eligible for consideration of a permanent mural project.

Preparing your Proposal

Applications for new Silo Art projects are usually lead by a local not-for-profit community group. Once that lead organisation is identified and actively expressed an interest in establishing a local Silo Art Project, then they can contact the local council for assistance and advice.

When applying for a silo art project, you must submit a proposal that includes:

  1. Details of the property (ie Old Junee or Illabo)
  2. Who’s involved (community group, local council, artist etc)
  3. Traffic and environmental management plans (including fencing, parking, signage and viewing)
  4. A concept of your artwork
  5. Safety qualifications and insurance
  6. Plans for securing funding
    NOTE: Funding for the project must not be secured prior to obtaining official approval from GrainCorp for the use of the land and silos, under any circumstances.

Eastern Riverina Arts
Also, approach the team at Eastern Riverina Arts to obtain advice on potential local artists who are capable of undertaking a Silo Art project; design ideas that would best represent the local community; funding opportunities and help develop a rough budget; and even provide a letter of support etc before you commence your submission.

Exisiting Silo Art

Australian Silo Art Trail
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Read about how Silo Art has help transform, or even save, entire towns across regional and rural Australia.

Apply for GrainCorp Silo Art project

Submissions for new Silo Art projects are open from February 1st until February 28th each year.

Ensure you read GrainCorp’s Silo Art Policy and Proposal Considerations in full before submitting a proposal.

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